Legal Documentations


Offer Letter

An Employment Offer Letter is an official letter for the job offered, containing all the terms and conditions of employment provided in writing to a selected candidate for a particular position in (...)

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Appointment Letter

An appointment letter or employment letter is a formal legal binding letter provided in writing to a candidate that confirms that the business organization has hired him for a defined position with(...)

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Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is an official letter sent by an employee when they wanted to quit, to their employer giving notice that they will no longer be working at the company after the notice per(...)

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Partnership Deed

A partnership deed is also known as a partnership agreement, is a written legal document outlined in a detailed way the rights and responsibilities of all parties to a business firm and to avoid po(...)

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Section 138 Notice

Development in the banking sector, the cheque has become one of the favorite Negotiable Instruments. When cheques were issued as a Negotiable Instruments,   there was always the possibili(...)

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Account Opening Resolution

Board decision for bank account opening is a resolution surpassed in a Board Meeting, certain persons in a company are authorized to open and control the Company or LLP Bank account. This document (...)

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Real Estate

Lease Deed - Commercial Property

This lease deed is the contract made for leasing or renting of commercial property. Lease deed is a legal document which is framed out to chart down terms and conditions under which the property is(...)

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Notice to Vacate Tenant

A notice to vacate is a legal document issued in writing to the landlord, stating a deadline within which the tenant will vacate rental premises. A similar notice to vacate can also be issued (...)

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Lease Deed - Residential Property

A rental agreement is a legal document where terms and conditions (right to occupy the premises to a tenant, tenancy rights are created, etc.) are framed under which the rented property is leased o(...)

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Website Policies

Website Terms and Conditions template

Website Terms & Conditions is a legal or the authoritative document that is comprised of terms and conditions that the user must follow while using a website or e-commerce platform or mobile or(...)

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Website Privacy Policy

Website privacy policy is a legal statement or document and important to create, that discloses all ways an entity or company (the website) collects, utilizes, reveals and deals with a client or cu(...)

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Website Disclaimer Policy

A website disclaimer is a legal notice that is intended to limit or attempt to limit the liabilities that an owner of the website or publisher may endure arising out of the website. It is the defen(...)

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