Shop And Establishment Registration

The Shops and Establishments Act manages the conditions of work, employees rights are listed by them in the unorganized sector and give the employer a list of obligations also. 

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Shops & Establishment Act Registration

The Shops and Establishments Act regulates payment of wages, hours of work, leave, holidays, terms of service and other work conditions of people employed in the unorganised sector. It also delineates various obligations for employers.

Great Solution will help you obtain a licence under the Shop and Establishment Act in an easy and cost-effective manner.

What is Shops & Establishments Act?

The Shops and Establishments Act is regulated by the Department of Labour. It lays down conditions of work, rights of employees in the unorganised sector and obligations for employers. The Act is applicable to shops, commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, eating outlets, theatres and other places of public amusement or entertainment. It also regulates societies, charitable trusts, printing establishments, educational institutions run for gain and premises in which banking, insurance, stock or share brokerage is carried on. However, factories are not covered by this Act and are regulated by the Factories Act, 1948.

Great Solution will get you a Licence under the Shop and Establishment Act

We will help you obtain a Shop and Establishment Act Licence by submitting an application on your behalf to the Chief Inspector. The application will be in a prescribed form with details like the name of the employer, address of the establishment, name of the establishment, category of the establishment, number of employees and other details which may be required.

We will facilitate that your shop or commercial establishment is registered and a registration certificate or licence is issued to you, after submission of the application and review by the Chief Inspector.  You should prominently display this registration certificate at your shop or commercial establishment, 

Your licence will be renewed periodically, as per the Shop and Establishment Act.

If, at any stage, you want to close down your business, you should notify the Chief Inspector in writing within fifteen days of the closing. Subject to review by the Chief Inspector, your shop or commercial establishment licence can be cancelled and removed from the register.

Documents required to obtain a Licence under the Shop and Establishment Act

  • PAN card of the business owner or the business itself.
  • A copy of the rental agreement or sale deed.
  • All details about the employees.

The importance of Shops and Establishments Act licence

If you are planning to open a shop or commercial establishment, you are required to register it compulsorily under the Act within 30 days of commencement of work. 

In fact, this license serves as the basic proof of a commercial business. You need to attach it when you apply to open a current account with a bank. It is also required when you try to raise investment, or obtain a loan for your business.

 Objectives of the Shops & Establishments Act

There are certain rules and regulations with regard to conditions of employment in every state. However, the common objective is to secure uniform benefits for employees working in different establishments and safeguard the rights.

Areas covered under the Shop and Establishment Act

This Act sets rules for working hours, rest interval, opening and closing hours, closed days, national and religious holidays, overtime work, rules for employment of children, annual leave, maternity leave, sickness and casual leave, etc. The Act also covers rules for employment and termination of service, maintenance of registers and records and display of notices and obligations of employers as well as employees.

Records to be maintained under the Shops and Establishment Act

The Shop and Establishment Act enjoins upon every business to keep up-to-date registers regarding details of employment, fines, deductions and advances, salary and holidays meant for its workforce. All these procedures come under the jurisdiction of the Department of Labour.

Compulsory Requirement

Registration under the Act is mandatory for all business entities, including sole proprietors even if they are operating an office from home.

Why Great Solution?

To handle your documentation

We will take care of all your documentary proofs such as PAN cards, identity and address proofs of the proprietor/partners/directors, and details of your employees.


We will file your application with the issuing authority, the local Municipal Corporation and handle the entire process on your behalf. You do not need to visit any of the authorities in person.

minimum working DAYS

We will see to it that you get an acknowledgement of your application within 5-7 working days. We will also take care of any additional documents asked by the inspector. You will get your licence within 10 to 15 days.

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