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An appointment letter or employment letter is a formal legal binding letter provided in writing to a candidate that confirms that the business organization has hired him for a defined position with accepted salary and other terms and conditions. Appointment letters are given after the offer letter is accepted by the candidate. It is the next step in the interaction between a company and an employee. The appointment letter has a detailed information about the position offered, salary offered with break up, benefits, privacy policy, work guidelines, starting date, and other important information about the employment. An appointment letter is usually written on a company’s letterhead with their logo. The appointment is a guarantee about the given job and position in that company and it duly signed by the authorized person. A copy of is also signed by the employee and submitted back to the employer as confirmation.

When is Appointment Letter provided?

On the day of joining of the employee, an Appointment letter is provided and it is printed on the letterhead of the business. One copy of the mutually signed appointment letter is kept by the Employer as a record, while another signed document is given to the Employee. It contains all information in detail related to the position offered, salary and other working information and benefits.

How to Create an Appointment Letter?

Appointment letters are printed on letterhead which is having logo and company details on it, of the employer and signed by the Management or HR Manager or person authorized to hire the candidate for the particular position. The candidate who accepts the position must sign a copy of the letter and submit it to the employing company to show acceptance of employment with all rules and regulations defined, salary and other details like what is expected of the employee, how many hours they must work, sick days and salary, etc. Once done a contractual commitment to be fulfilled by both parties.


You can also download the offer letter format in the following formats.

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