Copyright Registration

A registration confers upon its owner sole rights to copy or reproduce the work or grant permission to another to do so.

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What is Copyright Registration?

With Copyright Registration, the owner gets absolute authority to use, make a copy, or allow a different body to make use of the product under contracted conditions.

Copyright can be registered for works of literature (books, scripts), software as well as audio-visual items (music, photographs, movies). Generally, instruction manuals, literary products and user guides have registered copyrights.

Copyright registration lends rights to the owner of a work. The same rights over the product can be granted to the employer or owner of the business entity that has facilitated the accomplishment of work.

Copyrights over a work can be transferred from one party to another as well.

What is the significance of Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration entitles the creator of a work with its absolute ownership identifying his exclusive rights over an original work.

For certain items, such as books, manuscripts, software, music, films, fashion designs, brochures and training manuals, the owner possesses complete authority over their use, by default. Copyright registration in such cases is not required.

However, to pursue a case against any exploitation or infringement of your original work, copyright registration is a requisite. It proves your ownership over the product in question. It is important to register a copyright as it gives you protection to fight against any of its misuse in the commercial world.

What is the role of the Copyright Registrar?

The Registrar of Copyrights heads the Copyright Office under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In-charge of implementation of Copyright Act, Registrar is appointed by the Union Government and works under the directions of the Centre.

 The Copyright Office holds a Register of Copyrights with a complete record of all the names or titles of works, the names and addresses of owners of copyright and other information related to copyright.

All the information related to the provisions of the copyright law can be availed at the Copyright Office. Also, it provides you with all the details about the copyright registration process, operations and practices.

What copyright protection do you get?

Copyright Registration with the registrar of the copyright office confirms your rights over your original work and ensures copyright protection against any mishandling of your work. It serves the role of a copyright protection insurance policy to safeguard the original work from infringement.
However, the owner can apply for copyright registration within five years of the creation of the work.

How would another party prove rights over your work?

In case of infringement, the accused party will be required to present a pre-existing copyright claim to the work in order to prove its ownership over the work.

What are performer's rights?

Original works of art are generally produced with the aim to grab people’s attention and gain popularity. Hence, the public display of an original work, such as in a concert, makes them prone to greater risk of misuse.

 To preserve the rights of the creator over his/her work, certain special rights, termed as performer’s rights are bestowed upon the performer. This category includes actors, singers, musicians, dancers, acrobats, and other performers.

No person attending, hearing or watching a performance can become a copyright owner of the original performance.

Can one copyright a film or sound recording?

One can earn copyright of a video, film or music if there is an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from all the individuals or entities associated with its production. It wipes out the possibility of any objections from anyone in the future. The most recent guidelines issued by the Supreme Court of India in connection with sound recording and cinematography copyright registration makes it imperative for the applicants of copyright registration.

Documents Required for Copyright Registration

PERSONAL Inofrmation

  • Name, Address & Nationality of the Applicant
  • Nature of the Applicant’s Interest in the Copyright Mention if the applicant is the author of the work or the representative of the author

Advantages of Copyright Registration

Legal Protection

Copyright Registration secures a creative work from all kinds of infringement. The owner of a registered copyright has access to legal protection against misuse of their work without consent.

Market Presence

Copyright Registration plays the role of a legal document to attest your ownership over your original work in the market. It helps in building trust among the audience or customers for your brand.

Rights of the Owner

The owner of a registered copyright enjoys absolute rights over creation, recreation, dissemination, adaptation and translation of his/her work. However, there are certain variations in the set of rights conferred upon the owner on the basis of the nature of work.

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If you use our services for copyright registration, we will connect you with our experts to submit your application to the registrar. You will be required to share some basic information related to the work you wish to copyright. Also, three copies of your unique content will be needed on a CD with a signed authorization letter.

Meticulous Handling

A thorough study of the content is carried out to prepare your application for copyright registration. Thereafter, forms are submitted to the Registrar of Copyrights at the office in Delhi via electronic mail.

Proven Results

A diary number is generated on successful submission of the copyright application. Registration takes place within 12 months from the day of submission of the application.

After submission of the application, the registrar may enquire about certain details and seek clarifications before registration. We will constantly update you with the status of your application.

If any objection is raised against your application by a third party or the registrar, we will help you file a response within 45 days.

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