Trademark Opposition

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Trademark Opposition

During the registration process of your trademark, sometimes you may encounter an opposition raised against it, or sometime you need to file a trademark opposition or objection if you find a particular trademark infringing upon your own brand.

Great Solution offers an easy and effective process for filing a trademark opposition or filing your counter-response to such notice in the minimum possible time.

We assess the implications of the trademark opposition notice and prepare the formal affidavit addressing the objections. We also send our lawyer to answer the queries raised by the Registrar Office.

Why is trademark opposition allowed?

Trademark opposition is a legal alternative for anyone to object a particular trademark registration if an individual, group of people or a business entity feels that registration of the mark is inadmissible.

There always remains room for objection by a third party. An application for trademark registration can be challenged by any person in the Public.

The Process of Trademark Opposition

With trademark registration, your brand trademark gets intellectual property protection lawfully. Registration secures a trademark, which could be a word, symbol, logo, phrase, image or a sound, used by a business to distinguish its unique identity in the market from other similar goods or services by other companies.

The process for registration of a trademark begins with the trademark application with the pertinent branch of a Trademark Registrar as per the norms and regulations set by the authority.

After successful submission of a trademark application, the Trademarks Registrar will take the essential steps to process the application. Thereafter, an Examination Report is issued.

A Trademark Examination Report analysis varies from applicant to applicant. It could either be in favour or against the application. The Trademark Registrar then approves an application for advertisement in the Trademark Journal before registration. In certain cases, the trademark application gets approval for its commercial use without a hiccup, but on others it may face objections before registration.

Responding to Trademark Opposition

When a trademark opposition is filed against a trademark application, the trademark applicant is required to file a counter in support of his application with the Trademark Registrar within a span of two months.

Why Great Solution?

Great Solution with its highly skilled team and years of experience makes trademark registration and related processes a smooth sail for you. We render an array of services, including company registration, trademark filing, tax registration, tax filing and capital syndication.

We provide high-quality services to our clients in filing an opposition against a trademark as well as in dealing with a trademark opposition filed by a third party.

Generally, it takes nearly 5 - 10 working days to file a trademark opposition notice, depending upon the processing time taken by the government and document submission by clients.

Schedule an appointment with Great Solution and get a free consultation on filing a trademark opposition or responding to a trademark opposition.

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