How to get a Trade License

Every business that carries out trade or business is required to have a trade license in the concerned State Government, Corporation or Municipality. One can obtain this license by applying with the local authorities. Valid for a year, you can renew this trade license after it expires.

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What is Trade License?

A Trade License certificate enables a company or individual to carry on trade or business. It is approved from the State or Municipal Corporation of your area.

To become eligible for the licence, you need to comply as per certain rules and regulations laid down by the the concerned State Government, Corporation or Municipality. The jurisdiction and procedure for application would differ based on the rules and regulations of State, Corporation or local authorities.

You need to apply for license 30 days prior to commencement of your business along with certain documents.

Who Can Apply for Trade License

You can apply for a trade license if you are a business entity or an individual who has attained the age of 18, and have no criminal records.

Why is Trade Licence required?

As per law, every business is required to have a Trade Licence. If you do not get it before starting a business, you are liable to pay a fine/penalty for it.

Types of Trade Licence

There are following simple steps in applying and getting a Trade Licence:


If you want to open a retail shop, you need to apply for a license to operate it.


Any company that wants to open a small or mid-sized industrial unit, requires a license to operate it.


This license is required by any establishment that plans on getting into the food and beverage industry by opening a restaurant, cafe, meat shop, bakery or vegetable shop.

Process for obtaining Trade Licence

To get trade license, you should fill up form 353with all required details and submit the requisite documents to the ward office of your local municipality.

After you have submitted your application, you may be asked to furnish additional details as the case may be. After you have complied with all the details, trade licence will be sent to you via courier, and you can also download the certificate online after approval.

Documents required for obtaining a Trade Licence

  • Form 353 duly filled
  • A letter of consent from owner or neighbour
  • The city survey map of your property
  • Tax receipts
  • A blueprint of the premises in case the business deals with explosives, timber and dangerous goods.
  • Other documents that the Ward Officer may demand at the time of registration.

RENEWAL of trade licence

A trade license is valid for a year. It can be renewed after paying a renewal fee. To renew your trade licence, you can apply from January 01 to March 01. You should show the following documents along with your application:

  • Original trade license
  • All tax receipts, showing latest payments
  • Past payment challans

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