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File a trademark rectification to enjoy intellectual property protection against any kind of trademark infringement!

You can rectify and resubmit the trademark application. Great Solutions helps you prepare the rectification deed to the Trademark Examiners based on the reasons and facts as to why the mark was not allowed for further processing.

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What is Trademark Rectification?

Trademark registration safeguards your business trademark, which could be a word, symbol, logo, phrase, image or a sound, and develops a distinctive identity for your goods and services in the market.

You can apply for a trademark registration at any branch of a Registrar of Trademarks following the norms and regulations set by the authority. After successful submission of a trademark application, the Registrar of Trademarks will take the essential steps to process the application. Thereafter, an Examination Report is issued.

A Trademark Examination Report analysis varies from applicant to applicant. It could either be in favour or against the application. In certain cases, the trademark application gets approval for its commercial use without an objection or opposition, but in some cases, the Registrar may raise objection for registration.

An application against which objections are raised still has chances to be reconsidered if it has been marked as Formalities Chk Fail or Send Back to EDP by the Trade Mark Registrar. Such applications get a chance for rectification and resubmission of the trademark application.

Process of Trademark Rectification

 For trademark rectification, the applicant is required to submit a rectification deed with the Trademark Examiners. All the reasons and facts related to your rectification must be stated explicitly in the form.

If the proposed rectification is found plausible by the Trademark Examiner, he/she may give a go ahead to the application. It is then marked for examination by a Trademark Examiner for preparing Trademark Examination Report.

Why Great Solution?

We are a renowned service provider for company registration, trademark filing, tax registration, tax filing and capital syndication. We offer you our services for rectification of a filed trademark application.

We provide free consultation. If you certain queries, you can request a call from a Great Solution Advisor.

We will first grasp the nature and reason for objection or opposition, and based on the nature of objection or opposition, we will prepare a reply notice. The same will be filed with the trademark registrar to complete the objection handling.

 Book an appointment with Great Solution & get an expert consultation on filing a trademark rectification!

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All inclusive of government fees

  • Drafting and filing of rectification for applications marked Formalities Check Fail by Trademark Examiner.
  • Exclusive pricing for trademark application filled by Great Solution.

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All inclusive of government fees

  • Drafting and filing of rectification for applications marked Formalities Check Fail by Trademark Examiner with fresh Form-48.
  • For trademark applications filed by third-parties

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Money Saver

All inclusive of government fees

  • Drafting and filing of reply for objection raised by Trademark Examiner along with trademark rectification

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