Conversion of Private Limited into Public Limited

You can change your company from Private Limited to Public Limited.

For this, you need at least three directors, seven shareholders and a paid-up capital of at least Rs 5 lakh.

Great Solution can help you sail through the process of conversion from Private to Public Limited entity in a smooth and easy manner.

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We will help you go public

You can convert your company’s status from private to public limited. But there are many steps involved in it is simple, which take 30 to 35 days to complete. Great Solution will guide you through the whole process in an easy and quick manner.

Process of conversion from Private Limited to Public Limited

As a first step, you need to introduce changes into the Articles of Association (AoA), delete the word private from your company’s name, and apply for the fresh registration that will get you the new certificate of incorporation. However, the basic requirements are that the company already has three directors, seven members (shareholders) and a paid-up capital of Rs 5 lakh to be listed as a public limited company.

Why you should incorporate your company to a Public Limited Company

Ease in Share Transfer

The process of transfer of shares in a Public Limited Company is easier than in a Private Limited entity. It can be done by filing the share transfer form and handing over the share certificate to the buyer.

Raising Capital from the public

A Public Limited entity can raise capital from the general public through shares. For, this it needs to be listed on a stock exchange. Subsequently, it can issue fixed deposits, debentures, convertible debentures to the public.

High on Credibility

A Public Limited company follows all statutory compliances such as filing an audited statement of accounts, inform the regulatory bodies of any structural change and hold annual general body meetings (AGMs) where its shareholders participate. These involve complex procedures but lend a Public Limited Company greater credibility than its Private Limited counterpart.

Why Great Solution

Sound Track-record

We have extensive experience in handling all company-related work including conversion of a private limited into a public limited company. Our competent team is armed with the requisite professional and tech capabilities.

Smooth Coordination

We deftly handle all the paperwork for you to make your interaction with government authorities as easy as possible. You will be assisted at every step of conversion of your company.

Proactive approach

We are always there to answer all your queries about the entire process of making your company go public. But our effort is to ensure that your doubts are cleared before you send them across.

Minimum Working Days

Great Solution offers a variety of services like company, trademark and tax registration, income tax filing, conversion from a public limited to private limited company, and more. We can help you go public in around 35 working days. It will involve having the word private removed officially from your name, alter the Articles of Association and complete all the requirements necessary to form a public limited company.

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