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What is a Trademark Objection?

An application for trademark registration can be declined by the Trademarks Office on several grounds of non-compliance with the norms of trademark registration. For instance, an objection may be raised in case the proposed trademark bears striking resemblance to an already registered trademark.

However, the applicant has an option to file a response to this objection within a span of 30 days from the day the Examination Report was published online. In case of a hard copy, the response must be lodged within a month from the date it was received. Any delay in filing a reply can lead to the cancellation of the application.

Trademark Objection Response Process at Great Solution


In case an objection is raised by the Registrar against a trademark registration application, we forward the information to our clients within 24 hours to initiate a response in less than a month from the publication of the Examination Report containing the objection.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers will get in touch with you for better understanding of your case and henceforth, frame the correct response and affidavit (if required). After a thorough study of the case, a comprehensive response will be submitted to the Registrar.


In case the response is discarded by the Registrar, an interview is scheduled. We will help you to present your arguments before the Registrar in a convincing way. If the government finds the assertion convincing, the objection will be withdrawn within 18 months.

Why you should choose Great Solution to respond to a Trademark Objection

Smooth Clearance

Timely provision of evidence in support of the credibility of your trademark increases the probability of its approval by the Trademarks Office. It eliminates the chances of rejection of the application for trademark registration.

Brand Protection

Generally, a brand begins to utilise the proposed trademark with the ™ symbol for business till the registration process completes. In case the registration request is rejected and a brand is bound to change the trademark, the brand may lose its reputation and value in the market.  So, it is wise to choose a bona fide trademark and minimise the chances of rejection.

Professional Response

We will help you draft a professional reply to the objection raised by a Trademark Examiner. It will help in successful trademark registration as it will address all the concerns raised by the Trademark Registrar.

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All inclusive of government fees

  • Drafting and filing of reply for objection raised by Trademark Examiner
  • Exclusive for trademark applications filed by Great Solution

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All inclusive of government fees

  • Drafting and filing of reply for objection raised by Trademark Examiner with fresh Form-48.
  • For trademark applications filed by third-parties

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Money Saver

All inclusive of government fees

  • Drafting and filing of reply for objection raised by Trademark Examiner along with trademark rectification

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