One Person Company Registration

  •  One DSC & DIN
    We will help you get Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) and register them with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).  These documents must be applied by the director. Just give us a couple of scanned documents and information; we will complete all formalities on your behalf.
  • Name for your company
    We will enable you to pick a unique name for your company and see to it that all incorporation procedures are complete.
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) & Articles of Association (AoA)
    We will help you to draft your company's MoA & AoA.
  • SPICe i.e. INC-32 Approval
    MCA has introduced Simplified Performa for Incorporating Company Electronically (SPICe) or Form INC-32 to help incorporate a company with a single application. We will help you file them professionally.
  • PAN & TAN of OPC
    The eForm-32 help you obtain the company’s Registered Permanent Account Number (PAN), and Tax Account Number (TAN) in a single step. We will apply for them online; however, printed versions of the required documents also need to be dispatched to MCA.
  • Incorporation of the company
    The Certificate of Incorporation will be issued to you after the completion of this procedure.

Starts from just ₹10099/- (All Inclusive)*

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Benefits of registration:


Benefits of registration:

What is meant by One Person Company (OPC)?

The One Person Company (OPC) combines most of the benefits of a sole proprietorship and a company form of business. The solitary promoter will act in the capacity of a main executive as well as a shareholder or investor. The individual has full control over the organization without the need for finding the right kind of co-partner/s for starting a business or offering employee stock opportunities. Moreover, the OPC’s legal and financial liability is limited to the company and not the member.

OPC is formed as a ‘Private Limited Company’ with a minimum paid up capital of Rs. 1, 00,000. It can be formed as company limited by share capital or limited by guarantee or unlimited company.

Documents required for registration of office

The registered office of an OPC need not necessarily be a business space. You can establish your office at your home or residential place too. However, you require the following documents for its registration:

  • Latest bank statement/telephone or mobile bill/electricity or gas bill
  • Notarized rental agreement
  • No-Objection Certificate (NoC) from the property owner
  • In case of an owned property, please attach the concerned sale deed/property deed.

How is OPC different from sole-proprietorship?

Separate Liability

An OPC does not face the risks and uncertainty of a sole proprietorship business. As the liability of the owner in the case of OPC is separate from the company, the owner does not face the threat of lien on personal property in case of defaulting on his liabilities. His personal property is safe, irrespective of the debts of the business.

Legal Existence

Sole Proprietorship comes to an end with the death of the proprietor. However, an OPC has a different legitimate identity whereas in case of sole proprietorship, there is no distinction between the promoter and the company.

Separate Taxation

Another important difference is that the OPC is taxed separately, as opposed to a sole proprietorship where tax is paid at individual rate.

Greater Credibility

The accounts of OPC are regularly audited, imparting it greater trustworthiness among merchants and loaning institutions.

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